The spots are gradually diminishing over the course of a month.


When it comes to my skin care regime, I typically abide by the “less is more” rule.  A daily drugstore moisturizer with an SPF is a must, along with a “pricey” eye cream to battle significant under eye circles and puffiness.  After trying a multitude of eye creams, I thought I had finally found “the one.” 

Upon reading the claims of the Zeptil line of products, along with the comparatively low cost and antioxidant properties to promote skin health, I was intrigued and decided to give them a try.  I’ve been using the Melatonin 25 mg TheraCream for a year, and am thoroughly overjoyed with the results.  My under eye circles and puffiness have improved drastically, requiring minimal, if any concealer. 

I’ve recently tried the Micronized DHEA-S to combat some sunspots that have appeared.  The spots are gradually diminishing over the course of a month, not to mention my skin has never felt so soft.  Zeptil Nutraceuticals provides cosmetic benefits while supporting and promoting my overall skin health.  I couldn’t be more pleased with this line of products and am excited to learn more about what they have to offer.

-Lauren R.


-Lauren R.