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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for customer's questions

How long have you been in business?

Zetpil™ Nutritionals has been in business since 2005.

Are your products Pharmaceutical Grade?

All of our products are Pharmaceutical Grade. We comply, exceed and are in full compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) good manufacturing practice guidelines (GMPs).

What does “Proprietary Blend or Combination” mean on the Supplement Facts?

Our products are technologically-advanced and our manufacturing processes are cutting edge.  Both our deep-penetrating creams and our suppositories are vastly different than all others on the market because of our science-based approach to formulation.  Ultimately these processes are unique to our company and products. The FDA’s dietary supplement labeling regulations (21 C.F.R. 101.36(c)) allows us to maintain these bases as a trade secret, or a “proprietary combination”.

Why should I buy Zetpil products here, at ""?

There are other distributors of Zetpil products.  However, I was Dr. Cafarelli’s senior researcher for six years, worked intimately on product and protocol development, and am the only distributor capable of continuing Dr. Cafarelli’s teaching and ‘way of thinking’ by helping you, the customer.

Secondly, I believe my website is different because I sell only Zetpil products .  I will not sell you a product that won’t work, and therefore I will not sell Zetpil products alongside ineffective oral supplements.   I was lied to and taken advantage of by many people and companies in the past, and my promise to you is to be truthful above profits.

Can I buy Zetpil™ products at a discounted price?

Zetpil™ has the most innovative, science-based, absorbable forms of nutritional compounds and our products are superior to all other nutritional supplements on the market today.  We take great measures to ensure we are purchasing the purest, highest quality, and safest ingredients to use in our product development.

Our formulation and manufacturing processes are highly sophisticated, technologically-advanced and cutting edge, which comes at a price.  Our prices are reflective of the great extent we go through to ensure that you have nutritional supplements that actually work!  Our prices are also reflective of the quality of ingredients we source. 

Why aren't your products sold in health food stores?

We believe our products must be dispensed by a knowledgeable person intimately involved at Zetpil™ to provide you with the most accurate information not only regarding Zetpil™ products, but in the development of nutritional protocols.

Do you purchase any of your ingredients from China? How do you ensure quality and purity?

Yes, we obtain some ingredients from China and oftentimes it is the only place in the world for particular ingredients to be sourced.  However, we obtain Certificates of Analysis (COAs), documents which confirm that compounds meet proper specification.  We have sourced a variety of ingredients for more than 15 years and we only work with reputable companies that have consistently shown the highest ethics in business practices.

Why are some of your products subject to different colors or smells?

Since the ingredients in our products are from natural sources, they can vary in color or smell.  Variances in color and smell often are indicative of the quality and purity of particular products.

Am I able to speak directly with someone to advise me on product choices? Can I request a personalized nutritional protocol?

Yes, you are able to communicate directly with Zetpil™’s lead researcher who has extensive experience not only in the research and development of the products, but also in assisting people navigate their nutritional supplement choices to achieve optimal health or to treat existing health conditions.

Yes, anyone can request a personalized nutritional protocol. I have years of experience in working directly not only with the founder of Zetpil but also with customers. I am able to help people address their health issues by coordinating a comprehensive, layered, personalized nutrition protocol that takes health concerns, personal preferences, and financial means into consideration.

Zetpil™ products seem to have many uses, both for health maintenance as well as in treating chronic health conditions. How do I determine which product(s) to use?

Again, contact us directly so we may assist you in making the right product choices.   All our products have multiple benefits which was done so by design.  However, it is the purposeful combination of particular products for specific health goals which afford the most success long-term.  We are committed to being available to answer your questions but also to educating you so you make health-wise and financially-prudent nutritional supplement choices.   We always encourage you to discuss any nutritional supplement protocol with your doctor.

Where is the best place on my body to apply the creams?

General: Deep-penetrating creams are most effectively absorbed when applied to the inner thigh, inner arm, back or face.  Zetpil™ advises, especially for men, to apply the creams to hairless areas on your body.  Hair prevents the cream from being applied directly to the skin and therefore decreases the dosage absorbed into the skin.

Cosmenutraceuticals: For skin anti-aging benefits, it is advised you apply creams to your face, neck, arms and hands. 

NOTE:  It is NOT advisable to apply more than one cream to any given area at the same time.  We recommend allowing an hour between applications to the same area to allow for full absorption through the skin and to not overload the receptors in your skin.

I am allergic to soy. Will the soy ingredients in Zetpil™ products be a problem?

The fat free (defatted) protein part of the soybean is what causes the issues in people with soy sensitivities/allergies.  Soy-derived fat compounds are not allergenic.  All phosphatidylcholine and lecithin are soy fat-derived compounds.

Zetpil™ products are made with a proprietary-protected base formula specifically designed with all natural, safe ingredients to avoid any allergic responses, cross-reactivity, and have effective anti-bacterial ingredients.


Zetpil™ recommends our deep-penetrating creams are stored in a cool, dark place, preferably in the refrigerator.

Zetpil™ recommends suppositories be stored in the refrigerator and preferably in the freezer.  Only the DMSA suppository CANNOT be stored in cold conditions as the active compounds lose potency when exposed to the cold.