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General Health and Well-Being

Vitamins and minerals are, by definition, essential for growth, development and general physical and mental well-being.

Despite the increases in healthy eating and lifestyle choices,
more than 75% of all Americans are deficit in key nutrients required for overall health.

There also exists a significant percentage of the population who are simply unable to take oral supplements (>25%) or have oral nutrient malabsorption issues. Unfortunately these people are unable to maintain adequate nutritional status and nutrient deficiency symptoms remain untreated. This could include, but is not limited to:

  1. Surgically induced malabsorption (other than weight loss surgery);
  2. Genetically acquired malabsorption;
  3. A consequence of particular illnesses and disease;
  4. A consequence of treatment of various treatments of severe medical conditions;
  5. The use of both necessary (i.e. chemotherapy) and elective medications (i.e. birth control pills, diet pills, etc),
  6. Nutritional malabsorption as a consequence of the normal aging process (i.e. calcium, vitamin D, protein, etc);
  7. As a consequence of poor dietary choices;
  8. Food combinations that impede the normal absorption of nutrients from food.(i.e. phytates that impede normal calcium absorption);
  9. As a consequence of inadequate nutrition intake because of lifestyle choices (i.e. vegetarianism, vegan etc).        

The Zetpil™ Difference

Alternate delivery modes are absolutely necessary to aid those who are unable to take oral supplementation and/or for those who appreciate the delivery of the most bioactive nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Rectal suppositories and deep-penetrating creams for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids represent the most innovative approach for nutrient delivery.

These compounds are in “final form”, which means instantly recognized by the body and immediately metabolized for the greatest metabolic effect. They are not subject to the hazards of the gastro-intestinal system or other obstacles which impede absorption and proper utilization.

Zetpil™ products far exceed any other nutritional product on the market and they make optimal health and functioning possible for everyone with their innovative delivery options.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Products for General Health and Well-Being

  • Zetpil™ Anti-Fungal & Anti-Candida Cream 6oz

  • Zetpil™ Multivitamin & Mineral with Iron

  • Zetpil™ Multivitamin & Mineral Suppository

  • Zetpil™ ProstaFlow Plus Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Complete Protein Amino Acid Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Calcium and Magnesium Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Branched Chain Amino Acid Suppository

  • Zetpil™ CoQ10 plus N-Acetyl-Cysteine Suppository


Zetpil, Thinking “Outside the Nutritional
Industry Box” to Formulate Products
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