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The History of Zetpil

Dr. Cafarelli

In 2002, after 30 years in practice as a physician specializing in physical medicine, acupuncture, orthomolecular medicine and nutrition, Dr. Cafarelli began pursuing a parallel career as a researcher and scientist focusing on nutrients and herbal compounds.  When Dr. Cafarelli encountered his first post-surgical Gastric Bypass Surgery patient, he began to research a new way of delivering supplements into the body when intestinal absorption was compromised.

There were many obstacles, but eventually Dr. Cafarelli and his team at Zetpil were able to develop effective prototypes of nutrient, nutraceutical and herbal rectal suppositories, and eventually nutrient and herbal-based deep penetrating creams. For more than a decade, Dr. Cafarelli was deeply involved in new product development as the Zetpil™ line continued to evolve and improve. Currently these products are used by thousands of people world-wide as word of these products’ efficacy continues to grow.

What is Zetpil?

Zetpil™ is a small research-based company that is devoted to addressing the needs of the health- conscious population as well as those individuals with medical conditions.

Years of commercial availability for Zetpil.
Percent committed to providing the absolute highest quality & most effective products.

Although Zetpil™ products have been available commercially for almost a decade, the past four years have been largely devoted to research and development as well as improving our formulations to ensure that we are providing the consumer with the absolute highest quality and most effective products available anywhere in the world.

Zetpil™ is a leader in the nutrient and cosmeceutical industries because they have met the challenge of making products that overcome the limitation of oral bioavailability.  It is the inability to achieve systemic therapeutic dosages of herbals, nutrients, and nutraceuticals, when taken orally, which limits the effectiveness of many compounds, despite their research-based potential. Overcoming the hurdle of delivery mode and increasing absorption is testimony to the quality and sophistication of this company and it is the translation of myth and hype, so prevalent in the nutrient industry, to real therapeutic options for the serious patient population looking for therapeutic effectiveness, now.

We have endured our critics. Although we understand the hesitation with rectal delivery, we are also disturbed and amazed at intelligent, scientifically-minded people who speak without knowing, misinform without understanding, and discredit with no evidence to the contrary.

But history is filled with the stories of innovation that are rejected when they attempt to change or improve the status quo…

What Makes Zetpil Different?

The healthcare market is in transition. America possesses a greater awareness of the part supplements can play in their overall health. Nutrient sales in the United States are projected to total over $15.5 billion through all channels, including mass-market, health/natural, and direct/Internet sales by the year 2017.

To the casual observer, the nutrient/nutraceutical market presents itself as a surplus market. A simple search of the internet will demonstrate that there are hundreds of companies selling nutrients and nutraceuticals. This industry is comprised of companies employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, with similar ideas, producing essentially similar products with similar quality and essentially similar price.

Therefore, a new company must offer something unique to stand out in this market. We feel our company does so by offering products that are the first of their kind in the entire history of healthcare.

Our Products stand out by:

  • Delivering therapeutic dosages directly into the bloodstream via suppository or deep-penetrating creams (Intravenous Delivery without a Needle!)
  • Requiring no specialized delivery equipment (ie: Intravenous Kits, syringes, etc.)
  • Being able to be self-administered without the need for specialized training or professional assistance
  • Offering the convenience, privacy, safety, and ease of use of pharmaceutical-grade nutrition in the comfort of your own home.

Also, we believe the current nutritional industry has overlooked the large amount of patients (>26%) of the American population that has difficulty in swallowing pills.  For those people, Zetpil™ offers an opportunity to achieve an optimal health status, as well as the ability to effectively address chronic health conditions, which are usually caused because of the inability to take oral supplements or ingest adequate nutrition.

Bypassing damaged, surgically/pathologically/genetically altered digestive systems represents the inherent therapeutic sensibility of utilizing rectal delivery. This product line has been and continues to receive enthusiastic acceptance by the patient population willing to try the products. As the company has matured and grown, we have come to realize there are a remarkably large number of medical conditions and patient populations that could, and do, significantly benefit from our product line.

Zetpil™ not only brings these unique products to the market, but they also bring an honest discussion to the forefront about the science behind nutrient supplementation to educate and evoke a critical analysis of what has been often indoctrinated into our society. All too often the public is given erroneous and profit-driven perspectives, not the scientific realities of nutritional supplementation.

However, just as we had more than a decade ago, we believe the patient population has a “hunger” for therapeutically logical, effective and safe supplement options which can improve outcomes and minimize the long-term side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Zetpil™ products give the patient population the ability to marry their current medical treatments with scientifically-sound, research-proven, non-competitive nutritional adjunctive therapies to achieve better results and optimal health.

Welcome, and join the discussion.

Zetpil, Thinking “Outside the Nutritional
Industry Box” to Formulate Products
that Actually Work