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Zetpil Customer Reviews

I credit my recovery back to a healthy and fulfilling life to the Zetpil DMSA suppository chelation therapy…

In 2010 I had a dentist botch two tooth amalgam extractions and as a result I ingested a significant amount of amalgam containing mercury.I got progressively worse in a week’s time and I went from being extremely healthy and fit to believing I was dying within a week. After many weeks I was finally tested and diagnosed as having mercury poisoning (the test revealed I had 8 times the acceptable amount). Prior to being diagnosed with the mercury poisoning, because of all my frustration and anxiety, I had contacted Dr. Cafarelli because over the years I came to trust him and he was the most knowledgeable person in medicine that I had ever known. So I reviewed all my symptoms with him and his first remark was he thought it sounded like mercury poisoning (again, this was before I was officially diagnosed by the neurologist). The neurologist wanted to send me yet to another specialist for treatment, so I had a brief consultation to find out the specifics. EDTA or oral DMSA chelation therapies were discussed, but not much more than from the standpoint of a supportive nutritional protocol. After researching these therapies and especially after hearing some face to face testimonies from others that had been through the oral DMSA chelation, it was a simple decision for me to go the route of the suppository form of DMSA and today I’m glad I did. Although I have the experience of an alternative therapy to compare my results to, what I do know is that I was deathly ill and 14 months later my mercury test was finally to a normal level and I would say I am close to 90% recovered. Mercury is a neurotoxin, and that managed to damage some organs that will never fully recover. For example, I developed protein malabsorption problems, autoimmune deficiencies, and memory problems, to name a few (Note: the problems I had immediately after the poisoning was an amazingly long list). A point of reference would be my friends’ comments about how healthy I look now, especially since many of them truly thought that I looked like I was dying. I credit my recovery back to a healthy and fulfilling life to the Zetpil DMSA suppository chelation therapy in conjunction with specifically designed nutritional protocols that has included suppositories of Multi-Vitamin*, Calcium Magnesium*, CoQ10*, Arginine, Reduced Glutathione, Curcumin, Branched Chain Amino Acid and Complete Protein Amino Acid*. The * designates the suppositories I continue to take today and plan on taking for the rest of my life.

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Darren W.

The difference was immediate – I had energy!

I have been taking medications for depression and fatigue since I was a teenager.  After I had my first child at age 24, I started feeling low energy again.  I discovered I had chronic Lyme disease and took antibiotics for 9 months.  I also started thyroid medication for hypothyroidism (low thyroid) which helped me have a little more energy.  A few years later things started going downhill again.  My energy was low, and especially low the week before and during my periods.  I would feel depressed and depleted of energy.  I would eat sugar and carbs to activate my mind and body just to be able to think and function.  This caused weight gain and more depression.  It was a cycle I couldn’t break.

I knew I had the MTHFR gene mutation, which means your body doesn’t methylate properly (convert food into the usable, bio-active forms of vitamins, minerals and protein).  I took oral supplements with bio-active vitamins and minerals for a few months to see if it helped me feel any better, but there was no change.

Then one day I was talking with a friend who also has the MTHFR gene mutation.  She told me about the success she’s had using the Zetpil Multivitamin & Mineral suppository. They contained the bioactive ingredients, and the difference was immediate- I had energy!  After speaking with Karen from about my PMS symptoms, she suggested I take the Multivitamin & Mineral with Iron.  I ordered it right away and took daily.

As my monthly cycle approached I thought I was pregnant because I wasn’t crashing as usual.  When my period started I was surprised and excited because I didn’t have any of the negative symptoms normally associated with my periods (sugar cravings, depression, fatigue).  Now I take the Zetpil Multivitamin & Mineral with Iron along with the Zetpil Complete Protein Amino Acid Formula almost every day and have felt amazing improvements in my mind and my body. It’s incredible how different you feel when your body is working properly and receiving the nutrients it needs!

I am SO thankful for this product!

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-Katie P.

I am not suffering from my very dry and itchy skin, my face is feeling better and looks better, healthier, shinier and less bumpy.

I have been using the Zetpil Anti-Candida cream.  My MD had done tests a few years back and told me that I had a very strong invasion of candida.  Many organs were listed.  My skin had been bothering me also, specifically my face, arms, hands and legs.  It was extremely dry and breaking up.

Nothing could heal it.  No creams or oils would relieve me.  The doctor gave me some antibiotics which I took but did not handle it.

I found this cream online and purchased it.  I was putting a little bit on my stomach and I started to feel a bit better when I used it.  Months later I though I would try and apply it on my very flaky and painfully dry skin to see what would happen.  The results were immediate!  After a few minutes of application, the skin started to peel as I naturally rubbed it with my hands. The fungi was dropping to death.  the same has been happening on my face.  I apply it and after 5 minutes I have the urge to rub it.  The candida comes out of the pores.

Huge amounts of candida have come out this way, every day.  I feel a definite improvement in my well-being.  I am not suffering from my very dry and itchy skin.  My face is feeling better and looks better, healthier, shinier and less bumpy.

I am beginning to also see the candida come out in the stools.  This is very impressive. I stopped sweating in the middle of the night, I feel I have more oxygen in my body, and I am more energetic and less lethargic.

I am very thankful to the scientists and producers of this cream.  It is very effective against this very harmful fungi which invades without restrain.

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-S. Rivera

My blood count went up as much as it did in six visits to the hospital for iron infusions!

I started using this line of products when I found out that I was not absorbing iron very well. Apparently I never did, but the doctors never found out until I started bleeding very heavily for weeks at the time and not making the blood fast enough! I was put on iron supplements for a while but they didn’t work! The only solution was to get iron by infusion at the hospital! I did it for a while, then I decided I didn’t want to keep going to the hospital and stay a few hours while they infuse me. I said, “There has to be an easier way out there!” I began looking online and that’s when I discovered this line of products. I’m so glad now, because come to find out iron was not the only thing I was not absorbing! But the doctors would not do anything about it so I decided to do something about it myself. I take the Zetpil Multivitamin w/ iron and Seratone, which within days quieted my mind, let me sleep and reduced my worrying about everything (for which the doctors had given me everything in the book and still I saw no results).

I also introduced to the Zetpil Brain Booster which has helped me get more motivated, happier and returned my libido.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these products. I have only been on most of them a  month and a half, but I can already feel improvements, including my hands and feet are no longer cold and I’m not getting out breath all the time anymore!

I got blood work done after about a month and a half of being on the Multi-vitamin and Mineral with Iron and I am so happy with the results! My blood count went up as much as it did in six visits to the hospital for iron infusions! Can you believe it?

I have great hopes for the future now. If you’re someone who has tried supplements by mouth and saw no results, these are definitely the products for you, especially if you’re looking for fast results. I like the idea that I’m not losing most the supplement through digestion! These products go right into your blood stream and the concentration of the ingredients are very high, which I believe that is the reason why I started feeling better so quickly!

I’ve been using Zetpil nutritional supplements for several years with significant benefit.

The Zetpil Mind Motivator supplement provides the most obvious immediate benefit. The name describes what it does for me. It motivates my mind. It definitely helps activate and enhance my focus, makes challenging mental tasks easier and more enjoyable. Along with mental motivation, this supplement increases my overall body energy so it’s easier to be proactive in the things I want/need to accomplish.

While the result is not so immediately obvious, Mind Motivator contains many nutrients to support long term mind health. This provides important reassurance to me for continuing mental effectiveness.

Another Zetpil product, Arginine, also provides a short term noticeable effect, but less obvious than for Mind Motivator, as it stimulates flow through my blood vessels. Some mornings I notice a boost as I work out at the gym. Arginine is also important to me in protecting my cardiovascular health. Along with stimulating short term blood flow, it’s important to me that Arginine is working long term to enhance my circulatory health (in the past, tests showed that I had artery plaque buildup).
The Zetpil nutritional supplements are important to me since I know that they are specially formulated for maximum assimilation. I take a few oral supplements. However, I’ve noticed that taking many oral supplements, especially those hard to assimilate, can cause digestive stress. By using Zetpil supplements, I have confidence that my body is getting maximum use of important nutrients. Generally, the Zetpil supplements I use provide powerful nutrients that are poorly utilized when taken orally.

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Dave B.

I’ve successfully used your products with my primary clientele who have cancer.

Dr. Cafarelli: I would like to thank you for your amazing products. I’ve personally used your products for over 5 years. My father and I were dealing with atherosclerosis. We did your full suggested protocol for 3 months and my father for 5 months to get the plaque out of our system. It was nice to do the suppository vs going for expensive chelation therapy. In my mind the suppositories were more cost- and time- effective as well. After doing that protocol we both had lost weight and had more energy. I’ve been in the alternative health field for over 23 years and feel the products you deliver are wonderful. They are especially convenient for those who do not like taking pills or those who have digestive issues. I also have successfully used your products with my primary clientele who have cancer. Thank you again for delivering a quality product.

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Vallery, CNHP, LMT, ND

Melatonin has been a very effective part of my pain management

I was first introduced to Zetpil products about five years ago. One of the first products I began using was the calcium & magnesium suppository. A long term medication I am taking makes it difficult for my body to absorb calcium. Using the suppositories has improved my calcium numbers when oral calcium supplements did not. Melatonin cream is the other product I have been using – this one for pain management. I have had dominant side osteoarthritis for many years, and melatonin has been a very effective part of my pain management.

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Linda M

It may take a couple days before you get used to the feeling, but the effects are amazing.

I have been using the multivitamin and amino acid suppositories since my weight loss surgery in 2008. My surgeon referred me to Dr. Cafarelli because he knew I did not like to take pills and due to the surgery, the vitamins would not be absorbed as efficiently. It was the best thing I ever did. If you have never taken a suppository, it may take a couple of days before you get used to the feeling, but the effects are amazing. They are convenient and easy to use and it is assuring to know that I don’t have to take multiple pills orally on a daily basis that may not even be as effective.

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Beth P.

The spots are gradually diminishing over the course of a month.

When it comes to my skin care regime, I typically abide by the “less is more” rule. A daily drugstore moisturizer with an SPF is a must, along with a “pricey” eye cream to battle significant under eye circles and puffiness. After trying a multitude of eye creams, I thought I had finally found “the one.”

Upon reading the claims of the Zeptil line of products, along with the comparatively low cost and antioxidant properties to promote skin health, I was intrigued and decided to give them a try. I’ve been using the Melatonin 25 mg TheraCream for a year, and am thoroughly overjoyed with the results. My under eye circles and puffiness have improved drastically, requiring minimal, if any concealer.

I’ve recently tried the Micronized DHEA-S to combat some sunspots that have appeared. The spots are gradually diminishing over the course of a month, not to mention my skin has never felt so soft. Zeptil Nutraceuticals provides cosmetic benefits while supporting and promoting my overall skin health. I couldn’t be more pleased with this line of products and am excited to learn more about what they have to offer.

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Michele H.

I love my lotions and I use them religiously every morning.

I have to tell you that I love my lotions and I use them religiously every morning. Since starting the NitroBoost the skin on my arms and legs have never been better. I have Celiac and with cross-contamination I usually come down with some sort of rash on my upper torso. The NitroBoost helps to heal the rash more quickly. Plus it leaves my legs and arms silky smooth.

It’s nice to still get complements on my skin at 56! I use the Anti-Aging DHEA TheraCream on my face and the Super Melatonin antioxidant cream for my breasts. I feel like I am actively nourishing and protecting my skin, and seeing as the skin is the largest organ ( still a cosmetologist at heart) and it protects all the important stuff, for me it is well worth the time and money.

Thanks to you for all your hard work and commitment!

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Michele H.

My blood pressure returned to normal & I’m not taking prescription medications

I am a 71 year old male and started using Zetpil supplements upon the suggestion of my medical doctor. Prior to commencing the supplements I was slightly hypertensive, and did not sleep well, and suffered with occasional asthma. I had radioactive seed implant surgery in 2007 for early stage prostate cancer and believe that the therapeutic antioxidant properties of Melatonin have been helpful in maintaining my PSA at a low level (last blood work was 0.15) and when used together with Seratone, in promoting sound sleep. Since I have been using the other two supplements, Arginine Plus and Piceattanol, my blood pressure has returned to normal and I am not taking prescription medications. Furthermore, my feeling of general well-being has improved significantly. I have more energy and my asthma has definitely improved.

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Your multi-vitamin suppositories were a Godsend.

“Your multi-vitamin suppositories were a Godsend. Dave had been vomiting all his foods and liquids due to his cancer treatments. He had nausea most every day. He dropped down to 115 pounds.

But he kept taking the suppositories and they were the only way he got any nutrients, since nothing much would stay down. In less than 3 weeks he gained more than 14 pounds! It is a miracle and we owe it all to your products.

The suppositories literally saved Dave’s life, I know it. I hope that others can share your vision. If more people in the health care professions shared your vision, the health of millions of people would improve dramatically. Please continue doing what you are doing. Thank you again.”

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Please do not be turned off by the use of suppositories

Please do not be turned off by the use of suppositories – they are the best vehicle for nutrient delivery. Trust Dr. Cafarelli’s products. I think I would be dead by now without them. Just feel grateful your solution is close and you don’t have to go all over the world and spend all your money as I did!!

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