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Thinking “Outside the
Nutritional Industry Box”
to Formulate Products that Actually Work

“From the beginning of the pharmaceutical era, the oral route has always dominated over any other routes of drug delivery.  This can be accredited to the numerous advantages of the oral route, such as ease of administration of drug, patient compliance, economical production methods, and so on.

Despite being the most superior route of administration, it is not always possible to deliver every therapeutic agent through the oral route. The major problem faced while delivering a therapeutic agent through the oral route is poor oral bioavailability due to incomplete and/or erratic absorption through the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), degradation of the drug or drug carriers due to varying pH levels of the stomach and enzymatic degradation of many proteins and peptide drugs.”

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Zetpil™ Was Faced With Dilemmas

Can we capitalize on the key nutrients and compounds identified in the research even if they have been proven to be ineffective when taken orally?

Can we use alternate modes of delivery to deliver these nutrients effectively?

Can we use science and technological advances to overcome the delivery obstacles and develop nutrient prototypes which are safe, easy to use, predictable, non-competitive and able to be mass produced?

After many difficult years, the answer to all those questions was…

a resounding yes!

The above citation is but one example of tens of thousands in which the same sentiment is repeated over and over ad nauseam.  Yes, the “gold standard” for drug and nutrient delivery is with oral formulations.  However, when many nutrients are delivered orally they simply cannot be absorbed and utilized by the human body to produce a demonstrable, positive change.

Simply put, it is impossible to swallow the amount of pills you need to get the research-indicated results.

Rectal suppositories were not Zetpil™’s first choice as a nutrient-delivery vehicle, but rather the last.

  • Injections carried significant risks as well as patient compliance issues.
  • Sublingual troches (ie: orally dissolving tablets) were patently horrible tasting, took too long to dissolve (30-45 minutes) for adequate absorption, and because of various molecular sizes of different compounds the variance was very wide and did not produce predictable absorbed dosages.

Although deep-penetrating creams were developed secondary to the suppositories and are extremely effective, there still remain many compounds which simply cannot be formulated into a cream and delivered effectively and predictably.

Each delivery vehicle is advantageous to certain compounds, for certain conditions, and in certain circumstances.

It was the “thinking outside the box” that led the Zetpil™ team down its current path.

The task of educating the patient population on the inherent commonsense of this mode of delivery is neither fun nor easy.  However, as we witnessed our patients’ health improve dramatically with these revolutionary products we soon realized it was our duty to try to help those who want to learn and who want to get well.

The Zetpil™ NOW FACTOR means you will very quickly feel the difference with our nutrition and appreciate that you have an easy and science-based solution within your reach to positively affect your health.

We witnessed our patients’ health improve dramatically with these revolutionary products by “thinking outside the box.”

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Zetpil, Thinking “Outside the Nutritional
Industry Box” to Formulate Products
that Actually Work