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Anti-oxidant Protection

What are "Free Radicals" and "Oxidative Stress"?

During respiration your body constantly reacts with oxygen for your cells to produce energy.  A natural consequence of this activity is that highly reactive, unstable molecules are produced known as “free radicals”.

Approximately 80% of all free radical production in the body is a result of this essential energy-generating process.

Environmental stresses (ie: UV damage, pollution, radiation), emotional stress, inflammation and pharmaceutical drugs also directly cause the production of free radicals.

These free radicals (also called reactive oxygen/nitrogen species- ROS/RNS) are the nasty molecules responsible for aging, DNA and tissue damage, and many other types of diseases.  They are called “free” because they drift around the body with at least one unpaired electron in its outermost shell until they stabilize, and “radical” because there is a large compilation of molecules from which they can snatch electrons from.  As these free radicals accumulate they begin to overwhelm the body’s ability to safely stabilize them which results in oxidative stress, or damage.

How can you minimize this destructive damage?

Antioxidants.  Powerful antioxidants help these unstable molecules from binding with healthy molecules.

However, there is a catch.

What constitutes a “powerful” antioxidant and how easily you can supplement with antioxidants may not be what you have been led to believe.  Two of the biggest myths touted by the nutrition industry are that:

  • all antioxidants are created equal, and
  • oral antioxidant supplementation is adequate to protect against and prevent free-radical damage. 

The Zetpil Diffference

Zetpil™’s  innovative product line is revolutionary not only for its mode of deliveries, but also for being bold enough to develop products that are real solutions to the scientific problems with antioxidant supplementation.  There are tens of thousands of science- and medical-based articles stating that although antioxidants are incredibly important, they are simply not orally bioavailable. 

What does that mean?  It means that they are typically less than 1% absorbed when taken orally (ie: capsule, pill, etc.) and therapeutic dosages cannot be achieved to exert a positive, metabolic, antioxidant effect.  Many technological advances are currently in development to increase oral absorption so that antioxidants can become a real option in the war on aging and disease.

However, Zetpil™ antioxidant supplements offer the opportunity NOW to potentially meet these required therapeutic levels in a safe, easy, cost-effective manner so that free radicals are held in check and not allowed to cause damage.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Anti-Oxidant Protection Products

  • Zetpil™ Melatonin 200mg Cream 4oz

  • Zetpil™ N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) Cream 6oz

  • Zetpil™ 98 % Trans-RESVERATROL Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Curcumin Suppository

  • Zetpil™ 94% Green Tea Extract (SR) Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Reduced Glutathione 450mg

  • Zetpil™ Melatonin 200mg SR Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Melatonin 400mg SR Suppository

  • Zetpil™ ProstaFlow Plus Suppository

  • Zetpil™ Reduced Glutathione (225mg) Plus


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