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Foundation in Nutrigenomics

Studying the Interaction Between Genes and Nutrients at the Molecular Level

We need to begin with an understanding of what some of the key words in this discussion mean.


Refer to nutrients (ie: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants) which are essential to our development, disease prevention and overall well-being.


Simply put, studies the relationship between these essential nutrients and our gene expression and molecular-level interactions throughout our body. Deficiency in these nutrients can be directly linked to aging, disease states and health issues.

A 2014 article titled “Nutrition and Cardiology: An Interface not to be Ignored” outlined this very simply:

“In the past, micronutrients were considered nothing more than cofactors in biochemical reactions. Currently they are seen as antioxidants, acting in cell communication and having regulatory effects on genes as well as potent biological activity with several beneficial roles in human health. Within that context, nutrigenomics, which studies the interaction between genes and nutrients at the molecular level, has arisen.”

Read the full article here.

Although nutrigenomics has become a “buzz phrase” of sorts indicating a trend toward personalized nutrition, its basic premise cannot be overlooked or overused as merely a marketing tool.  It is truly a specialty of medicine, when approached objectively, completely, and with the necessary understanding to implement successfully for the patient population.

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics: Viewpoints on the Current Status and Applications in Nutrition Research and Practice

A 2011 article, co-authored with researchers out of the National Cancer Institute explains this clearly:

“Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics hold much promise for providing better nutritional advice to the public generally, genetic subgroups and individuals. Because nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics require a deep understanding of nutrition, genetics and biochemistry and ever new ‘omic’ technologies, it is often difficult, even for educated professionals, to appreciate their relevance to the practice of preventive approaches for optimizing health, delaying onset of disease and diminishing its severity.”

Read the full article here.

Through our research spanning more than a decade and continuing today, we amassed this deep understanding among various specialties and are subsequently able to develop both products and protocols for patients which successfully address the multiplicity of both maintaining health and of various disease processes.

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