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Research Driven Products

Zetpil™ was established in response to the abject failure of most nutritional products both for us personally and for our patients.  The clear lack of effectiveness with no noticeable change in symptoms or disease-state was a clear indication something was very wrong. Why weren’t the treatments producing the expected results?

Therefore, the doctors, scientists and researchers at Zetpil™ began to source, read, analyze, compare and compile data from thousands of peer-reviewed medical and science articles across many disciplines.  Although this process consumed years and years of time, it was our belief that if we could “connect the dots” from multiple sources and perspectives we could begin to see the picture in its entirety and therefore deliver products that would be therapeutically effective!

The research process MUST be a priority in order to develop, formulate and manufacture nutritional products that ACTUALLY WORK.  The products must be a reflection of the research and not merely a representation of what we want to be true. Many nutritional companies CLAIM their products are “science based”.  However, on close examination they do not differ in any appreciable manner from their competition and they do not represent the intimate scientific details painstakingly proven in the research.

Here's An Important Question

If every nutritional product was an adequate representation of the research and were successful, why would we need so many different products with different formulations and why would we still be facing health care crises that can be successfully treated with appropriate nutrition?

There is a logical answer. The majority of current nutritional products are all very similar and they will all fail similarly.  The research predicts it, explains why, and urges caution to not erroneously interpret the results.

Zetpil™ stands alone in accepting the challenge of truly embracing the research and relying on the science to guide the product development process rather than trying to make an existing product  “fit” into the research.

That is why Zetpil™ products are the most effective nutritional products on the market today.  Hard work and a dedication to honesty and integrity in our work are at the foundation of who we are and what we do.

You will begin to see this “Reliance on Research” difference beginning on this website. We are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date research available.  We prefer to use the words of the researchers, scientists, and physicians whenever possible.  We do not offer our opinion on scientific matters and feel it is irresponsible to do so.  We provide hyperlinks to all our cited resources so you can quickly and easily find relevant research and begin to become empowered with information so you can make the most educated decision regarding your health care.

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     That is why Zetpil™ products

                 are the most effective nutritional

                           products on the market today.

          Hard work and a dedication

             to honesty and integrity in our work

                 are at the foundation of

                 who we are and what we do.