Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Suppositories:

The most important measure is to attempt to move your bowels before inserting a suppository(s). Often, you may not “feel” you have to go, but in the event there is fecal matter in the rectum, you could insert a suppository and trigger the reflex to move your bowels. Therefore, to avoid “losing” the suppository a short time after insertion one should attempt to evacuate the bowels before you insert any of the nutritional suppositories.

Rectal delivery offers the safest form of nutrient and/or medication delivery into the bloodstream when compared to intramuscular injections and intravenous infusions. These specially formulated and uniquely manufactured rectal suppositories are produced in a hygienic manufacturing environment.  Additionally, the base materials used have been specifically chosen to have a water content below the required levels to support the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, the rectal suppositories present no risk of bacterial infection or parasitic infection.

However, this does not mean an individual can ignore commonsense hygiene by properly washing one’s hands both before and after inserting the suppository(s).

Finally, a literature search of the PubMed database of abstracts and articles published throughout the world reveals there has never been a documented case where a rectal suppository caused an infection.  Even in the highly unlikely event that an immune-compromised individual could be potentially infected by scratching the rectal tissue with a fingernail when inserting a rectal suppository can easily be avoided by the use of a finger cot and/or examination glove that can be purchased at any drugstore.

No. The suppositories were developed specifically for long term usage.  Years of clinical research, experimentation and following up with the patient population has culminated in our proprietary base formulation.  Only natural ingredients are included that have been clinically shown to increase the absorption of the active ingredients and to ensure comfort, anti-bacterial properties and no irritation. 

The best time to take the suppositories is often based on individual preferences and bowel habits. However, some products may be best to take in the morning (ie: Mind Motivator with Caffeine) whereas some products may be best to take in the evening before bed (ie: melatonin).  Please read the labels for specific information regarding each product.

Making these suppositories therapeutically effective was our primary goal.  However, the importance of ensuring that the suppositories were comfortable, non-irritating and easy to use was also of paramount importance.  As a result of hundreds of hours of research and clinical feedback, the suppositories were developed to melt quickly, have no leakage and be so comfortable to the point there is no sensation of a rectal suppository shortly after insertion.  The lack of a sensation of pressure, overt defecation reflex activation, the lack of leakage and recurrent embarrassing flatulence seen with other medication-containing suppositories has been essentially eliminated. 

Many patients believe that attempting to retain the suppository for hours after insertion will allow them to absorb more of the active ingredients. Our specially formulated suppository base has made extended retention unnecessary. The suppositories were developed not only for maximum comfort but to allow for maximum absorption of the nutrients and bioactive substances within minutes of insertion. Current clinical research indicates that the suppository melts within 5 minutes, with absorption occurring immediately after melting. Maximum absorption of the nutrients/neutraceuticals occurs from 15 to 20 minutes in most patients.

Therefore, after retaining the suppository for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, the nutrients and bioactive ingredients have been absorbed.  If you wish and/or feel the need to move your bowels, you may do so, knowing that you have absorbed the nutrients.  Please note that your bowel movement may appear to be a whitish oily discharge. Don’t be concerned. This substance is the base material that is not intended to be absorbed with the nutrients and/or nutraceuticals.

Rarely. Because of the special formulation, the suppositories do not retain cold even when inserted immediately after removal from the refrigerator.  If you feel they are cold, you can wet the suppository briefly with warm water, and then inset immediately. The use of water also helps the suppository to breakdown quicker and absorb more effectively. 

Yes. We provide a description of how to insert a suppository online. Also, if you wish to lubricate the suppository for greater ease of insertion, you may use a water-based gel (ie: K Y Jelly or a generic form of this Jelly). NEVER USE PETROLEUM-BASED JELLY (ie: Vasoline).

It depends on the suppository. One should never take more than the recommended dosage on the label, unless they have first consulted with their physician or appropriately licensed healthcare professional.

For the majority of people, taking 2 suppositories at the same time should present no problem. Often as you become acclimated to taking suppositories you may be able to take more.  Most people develop the ability to take 4-5 suppositories at one time, depending on individual preferences and schedule. However, under no circumstances should you take more than the recommended number of suppositories on the label without consulting your physician or healthcare provider.

Many individuals report they notice that for a short time after beginning the suppositories they experience increased frequency in bowel movements. This is usually because many individuals are constipated to some degree. Therefore, a short time after starting the suppositories, individuals often experience a period where they are moving their bowels many times per day. This passes within 1 to 2 days. The reason for this increase in bowel movements appears to be an activation of the defecation reflex (bowel movement reflex).  A person who is “regular” will move their bowels approximately 20 to 40 minutes after eating. This is normal.  This is what is meant by the saying “food in, food out.”  The vast majority of patients who experience this newfound sense of regularity are amazed how good they feel when they start moving their bowels more frequently.