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ZETPIL: Nutrition for the 21st Century

The concept of using a rectal suppository for the delivery of nutrients has been around for hundreds of years.  Although you might be apprehensive about this delivery method, it is grounded in science, supported by current research, and the Zetpil™ suppositories have been used clinically by thousands of people all over the world for more than a decade.  The inherent commonsense of this approach and the realization that it can bring theory to reality for many powerful natural compounds will help you overcome any apprehension you have trying these products.

The key factor in making this method of delivery a realistic option were the Zetpil™ scientists’ and research team’s ability to make a public-friendly, all-natural rectal suppository base that was comfortable, non-irritating and highly effective in delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This monumental achievement required years of dedicated effort by the Zetpil™ team to overcome the many hurdles that have frustrated pharmacologists and the pharmaceutical community, even to this day.

The end result was the re-invention of a method of delivery that we guarantee will change your mind of what is possible, and deliver like no other product you have ever tried!

But don’t take our word for it! Try it and see for yourself, and see why we know that the Zetpil™ line of suppositories is nutrition for the 21st century– combining highest quality research-based compounds with the most efficient method of delivery resulting in maximum effectiveness.

Zetpil, Thinking “Outside the Nutritional
Industry Box” to Formulate Products
that Actually Work