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I’ve been using Zetpil nutritional supplements for several years with significant benefit.

The Zetpil Mind Motivator supplement provides the most obvious immediate benefit. The name describes what it does for me. It motivates my mind. It definitely helps activate and enhance my focus, makes challenging mental tasks easier and more enjoyable. Along with mental motivation, this supplement increases my overall body energy so it’s easier to be proactive in the things I want/need to accomplish.

While the result is not so immediately obvious, Mind Motivator contains many nutrients to support long term mind health. This provides important reassurance to me for continuing mental effectiveness.

Another Zetpil product, Arginine, also provides a short term noticeable effect, but less obvious than for Mind Motivator, as it stimulates flow through my blood vessels. Some mornings I notice a boost as I work out at the gym. Arginine is also important to me in protecting my cardiovascular health. Along with stimulating short term blood flow, it’s important to me that Arginine is working long term to enhance my circulatory health (in the past, tests showed that I had artery plaque buildup).
The Zetpil nutritional supplements are important to me since I know that they are specially formulated for maximum assimilation. I take a few oral supplements. However, I’ve noticed that taking many oral supplements, especially those hard to assimilate, can cause digestive stress. By using Zetpil supplements, I have confidence that my body is getting maximum use of important nutrients. Generally, the Zetpil supplements I use provide powerful nutrients that are poorly utilized when taken orally.

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