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I credit my recovery back to a healthy and fulfilling life to the Zetpil DMSA suppository chelation therapy…

In 2010 I had a dentist botch two tooth amalgam extractions and as a result I ingested a significant amount of amalgam containing mercury.I got progressively worse in a week’s time and I went from being extremely healthy and fit to believing I was dying within a week. After many weeks I was finally tested and diagnosed as having mercury poisoning (the test revealed I had 8 times the acceptable amount). Prior to being diagnosed with the mercury poisoning, because of all my frustration and anxiety, I had contacted Dr. Cafarelli because over the years I came to trust him and he was the most knowledgeable person in medicine that I had ever known. So I reviewed all my symptoms with him and his first remark was he thought it sounded like mercury poisoning (again, this was before I was officially diagnosed by the neurologist). The neurologist wanted to send me yet to another specialist for treatment, so I had a brief consultation to find out the specifics. EDTA or oral DMSA chelation therapies were discussed, but not much more than from the standpoint of a supportive nutritional protocol. After researching these therapies and especially after hearing some face to face testimonies from others that had been through the oral DMSA chelation, it was a simple decision for me to go the route of the suppository form of DMSA and today I’m glad I did. Although I have the experience of an alternative therapy to compare my results to, what I do know is that I was deathly ill and 14 months later my mercury test was finally to a normal level and I would say I am close to 90% recovered. Mercury is a neurotoxin, and that managed to damage some organs that will never fully recover. For example, I developed protein malabsorption problems, autoimmune deficiencies, and memory problems, to name a few (Note: the problems I had immediately after the poisoning was an amazingly long list). A point of reference would be my friends’ comments about how healthy I look now, especially since many of them truly thought that I looked like I was dying. I credit my recovery back to a healthy and fulfilling life to the Zetpil DMSA suppository chelation therapy in conjunction with specifically designed nutritional protocols that has included suppositories of Multi-Vitamin*, Calcium Magnesium*, CoQ10*, Arginine, Reduced Glutathione, Curcumin, Branched Chain Amino Acid and Complete Protein Amino Acid*. The * designates the suppositories I continue to take today and plan on taking for the rest of my life.

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