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The difference was immediate – I had energy!

I have been taking medications for depression and fatigue since I was a teenager.  After I had my first child at age 24, I started feeling low energy again.  I discovered I had chronic Lyme disease and took antibiotics for 9 months.  I also started thyroid medication for hypothyroidism (low thyroid) which helped me have a little more energy.  A few years later things started going downhill again.  My energy was low, and especially low the week before and during my periods.  I would feel depressed and depleted of energy.  I would eat sugar and carbs to activate my mind and body just to be able to think and function.  This caused weight gain and more depression.  It was a cycle I couldn’t break.

I knew I had the MTHFR gene mutation, which means your body doesn’t methylate properly (convert food into the usable, bio-active forms of vitamins, minerals and protein).  I took oral supplements with bio-active vitamins and minerals for a few months to see if it helped me feel any better, but there was no change.

Then one day I was talking with a friend who also has the MTHFR gene mutation.  She told me about the success she’s had using the Zetpil Multivitamin & Mineral suppository. They contained the bioactive ingredients, and the difference was immediate- I had energy!  After speaking with Karen from about my PMS symptoms, she suggested I take the Multivitamin & Mineral with Iron.  I ordered it right away and took daily.

As my monthly cycle approached I thought I was pregnant because I wasn’t crashing as usual.  When my period started I was surprised and excited because I didn’t have any of the negative symptoms normally associated with my periods (sugar cravings, depression, fatigue).  Now I take the Zetpil Multivitamin & Mineral with Iron along with the Zetpil Complete Protein Amino Acid Formula almost every day and have felt amazing improvements in my mind and my body. It’s incredible how different you feel when your body is working properly and receiving the nutrients it needs!

I am SO thankful for this product!

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